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Hey, my name's Cailey.

I'm a writer.

To be more specific: I’m a journalist in the lifestyle and culture sectors. Over the years, I’ve profiled Anthony Bourdain, examined the corporate development of a beach town on the Jersey Shore, and tested countless bizarre beauty products. But my favorite work digs deep into the machinery of soft news and attempts to untangle dominant (and seemingly unchangeable) narratives about what we buy and why. 

In general, I’m interested in questions of moral complexity: how do we create a better world while recognizing and moving in what currently exists? How do we apply idealistic theories to very real power structures without sacrificing the luxuries that send dopamine spurting through our brains? 

I explore some of these questions over on my Substack, Philosophy for Party Girls, which twists cosmopolitan culture through an interrogative and introspective lens. (I’m very pleased to share that the newsletter was recently recommended by Mary Gaitskill!)  

I’m also a pretty snappy copywriter for clients in the fashion and travel spheres. And you can find me volunteering with organizations like Girls Write Now and Writers Rebel. 

If you’re interested in hiring me for a job or chatting about better lifestyle journalism, get in touch. xx


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