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Hey, my name's Cailey. I'm a writer. 

If you're looking for journalism, I cover travel, arts and culture.

My creative writing spans fiction, essay and experimental. 

I edit at TART.

And my translations go from French to English. 

I am represented by Fiona Baird at WME Books. 

I earned my MA in creative nonfiction from the University of East Anglia and a BA in journalism from SUNY Purchase College. I also studied at UMass Amherst's Juniper Summer Writing Institute and the Cours de la Civilisation Française à la Sorbonne. And my friends' therapists always agree with me.

Drop me a line.

Please bear in mind that this form is not the comments box for an article I've written. Nor is it a place to request advice on upcoming travel plans.

(I wish I could answer all messages like this but it's overwhelming!)

TTYL! xoxo

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