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Once again...I have failed the blog. But this time I have good reason; I've started a Substack. Over there, I'm writing mostly about existentialism and fashion. But the project is still new, so its constraints and aims could change at any second. (Be warned.) You can subscribe to that HERE. (And I'd be grateful if you would!)

I probably won't be posting on here very often, if at all. (Lol, said like I had been active here.) But I do feel like I owe the subscribers here a *peak inside my mind carousel* for the sake of old times, if nothing else. So, uh, here we go...

  1. Anne Boyer's talk at RCA that I was lucky enough to attend a few years back. It was so feminist, I got my period while listening. Not a joke, just a fact.

2. Bimini "Not a joke, just a fact" Bon Boulash

3. This horror-tinged extravaganza from Oliver Sim that's probably going to be one of my most played songs of 2022.

4. I live in a reality where John Cleese stopped existing c. 2000. In that reality, I enjoy this acceptance speech very very much.

5. Maya Deren and everything about her.

6. Joni Mitchell at the Newport Folk Fest. (I have yet to watch this once without crying and I've watched it much, much more than once.)

7. And, uh, this undying diet inspiration.

Catch you later



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